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The offer for customers
Our offer includes wide range of technical services which complement each other. Thanks to this we can choose the most effective methods of draining for every individual problem and room. Our service includes:

Draining flooded rooms
We drain flooded rooms. Immediately after a notification, we make a measurement of losses caused by flood, heavy rain, or installation failure and there is made also an estimate of costs. To avoid a formation of mould and to enable further removal of a damages, we start draining as quickly as possible.

Removal of process water
During construction works, it is necessary to maintain an appropriately law moisture. High moisture prevents finishing works and can lead to a mould formation. That is why we shorten the drying time of levelling compounds, gypsum walls, plaster. The draining is applied during and after a construction work.

The preparation of a concrete floor under a parquetry
The wetness of a concrete floor under parquetry is precisely determined and it cannot be higher than 2,5 %. If concrete is poured under the wooden floor in unheated rooms, its wetness, that facilitates a montage of parquetly, is difficult to obtain. Our company offers a proffesional draining which hastens the achievement of an appropriate wetness of concrete.

Rapid drainage with the use of microwaves
The use of microwaves in drainage is the fastest and most effective method of draining. It allows to remove water from the whole wall as quickly as possible, even ten times faster than while traditional draining. We use this method because it is extremely comfortable, quiet and highly safe.

Effective drainage with the use of infrared waves
The drainage with the use of infrared waves is modern and effective way of draining. This new technology is rarely applied in Poland. However, the use of such method gives excellent results even in the most difficult cases. We attached it to our offer to provide the opportunity for access to the best ways of draining to our customers.

Secondary vertical and horizontal insulation
We make a vertical and horizontal insulation if there is no possibility to get in outer walls or if this is too expensive. We use e. g., crystal injection and curtain injection to guard the building against water that penetrates from the outside.

Rent of an air dryer
Our company rents and delivers an equipment for drying. What is more, we instruct the user and advise him / her how to arrange the device. Our dryers are easy to use and effective while a liquidation of a moisture. We can offer also a blower and heater which support draining.

A moisture measurement
We make a measurement of moisture in order to estimate the time of draining or if a customer would like to have a prove for a presence of high moisture in rooms. We use a moisture analyser to make this measurement. There is a possibility to get a protocol concerning the data obtained while making a survey.


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